Types of Variations in Rock Climbing

In sport climbing there are three types of variations in rock climbing

Done on the climbing cliffs are not very high. Climbers can perform a vertical movement, laterally left and right and up and down. This movement is performed repeatedly. Equipment was also simple bouldering, climbing shoes and magnesium powder is enough. Usually a fan of rock climbing do for exercise, some of the benefits of bouldering:

  • As an initial warm-up before the climber to climb the high wall
  • Very good for train movement difficult
  • To train endurence

Crag Climbing 

Is a type of free climbing can be done in 2 ways

  1.  Singgle pitch climbing; the climbing is not done by stopping to rest in the middle to secure the second.
  2.  Multi pitch climbing: climbing performed on a higher cliff and needed change of leader. Each climber start and end on the terraces sufficient to secure yourself and rest, followed by a second person.

Big Wall Climbing

This type of climbing is performed in a high cliff than climbing Crag. It can take days and complete climbing equipment, as well as schedules, provision of food and sleep on site peraltan. Usually done on a mountain climbing expedition or making climbing routes. The climbers are professionals and have experience in climbing and use of equipment.

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