Belaying Rock Climbing Techniques

Belaying is one of the Climbing Techniques in Rock Climbing. It is securing the climber during his climb. There are techniques and Belay Devices needed to do this. Choosing the correct belay device and method is important so that both the belayer and the climber would not encounter difficulties. Although there are many techniques to belay a person, we will focus on the most common one. The following guidelines can help you to learn belaying rock climbing techniques before action. 

Semi-Direct Belay Method
  1. Create a single or a multiple-point equalized anchor. This step is not always necessary as it depends on the weights of the climber and belayer, as well as the stance of the belayer.
  2. Then tie the rope-end into your Climbing Harness as described in our Climbing Techniques - Tying In section. By doing this, you will create a belay loop.
  3. Attach yourself to the anchor, if there is one (refer to step 1). Note that as a belayer, you should be attached tight to the anchor and in line with any direction of the loading.
  4. Then attach a belay device to your belay loop. The device is now ready to be used in a semi-direct belay method.

This belay method is called semi-direct as the load of a fall is taken by the anchor and by the belayer via the belay device, belay loop and the rope to the anchor. The attachment of the belayer is attached to the anchor ensures that the belayer can easiliy lock off and pay out the rope when under tension.


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