Know the Uniqueness Rock Climbing

Hearing the word rock climbing, we as a species introduced to new sports. Did we not know? Perhaps we still remember the little child, how happy we are playing, climbing walls, trees, or large rocks, where we do not think the risk of falls and injuries, there is a sense of joy. Rock Climbing activity is actually not far from it, only this time we have chosen a specific field by considering the risks.

Rock climbing is basically part of mountaineering (mountain climbing activities, an adventure travel to high places), only here we face a particular field. By distinguishing areas or terrain traversed, mountaineering can be divided into: hill walking, rock climbing and Ice / Snow Climbing. Hill walking is the usual way through a series of woods and hills, armed with the knowledge map / compass and survival. Leg strength to be a major success factor of a trip. To rock Ccimbing, facing the field in the form of hills or cliffs where it is needed a helping hand to balance the body or to add height. Ice / Snow climbing almost the same as with rock climbing, but the terrain is hilly or cliff facing the ice / snow.

Sometimes questions will arise in us, like this: Why climb a mountain? George L. Mallory (British climber) to answer this question by saying, Because it's there .. Then another question, What do you get there? A great climber, Reinhold Messner said: The mountains tell you, quite ruthlessly, who you are, and what you are. Mountaineering is a game where you can not cheat ..., more than that, what's Important is your determination cool nerves, and knowing how to make the right choice.

Sports like these are a blessing, and perhaps a little selfish. Any pleasure at the time we finish a difficult field is our own, no cheers, especially kalungan medal. Conversely, in a climbing accident is due to our own negligence, careless and underestimated the ability of self. Many climbers who do go down the cliff (rappeling / abseiling) with a jump and is very fast, this is very dangerous. To us, you should consider the activities of rock climbing as a hobby, like other hobbies. As an illustration we can consider the words of Walter Bonatti, a veteran climber from Italy, while solo climbing on a wall melakukakn terrible in Switzerland. When he was facing difficulties through overhang (wall hanging with a slope> 90 degrees), a plane that apparently go around looking for it. The presence of the plane hit his solitude: "Who said that they saw me?, I think and feel that the aircraft is part of me, who is now leaving and tore my heart. I began to realize that I would prefer if there is absolute silence. Everything that happens in a short time as if it were a final attempt to connect myself with the life that has no meaning to me anymore. The plane then circled me like dead leaves.

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