Technique for Rock Climbing Anchor

Belay techniques (anchor)
Belay or anchoring is a technique called the installation of safety devices used for the purposes of mooring rope used for belaying, rope or fixed installation (fixed rope) or rope climbing.
In making anchors for rock climbing, keep in mind is the condition of the cliff itself and the type of rock. Anchors are usually made ​​of several safety devices (Artificial Anchors) and natural conditions that exist on the cliffs, such as tree holes or translucent (Natural Anchors).

Rock climbing anchor  is usually made to be disposable, but there are also made for good  on a line of rock and is called Permanent Anchors, a safety device that is used to create a permanent anchor is usually Bolt (climbing spikes).

Natural climbing anchors
Natural fastening made from natural elements such as rock climbing (rock holes or horn) or it could be from the existing trunk ditebing itself. This is a condition of making mooring must withstand the load and not fragile.
Before fastening made sure whether or not it's strong load test should be performed first so sure

Artificial climbing anchors
Sometimes climbing wall does not have a natural moorings. Thus created an artificial anchor. In rock climbing, can use the python and Chock, while the bolt is rarely used because it can undermine the sustainability of the cliff.
Fastening is usually more convincing power. But all this depends on the way to make it, because if not careful it will be possible fastening can be broken.

Bolt climbing anchor
On the cliffs for climbing and are often used is usually already installed lines or installation of anchor bolts. With the bolts in the cliff will be easier and safer for the leader to make a climbing anchor instead of using natural or artificial cliffs. For those pro climber may prefer to use artificial anchor as well as the QuickDraw line.

  • Anchor the correct position will prevent the rope from the friction of the stone and makes absolute no loose or broken.
  • Check the state of the cliff wall before being installed anchor, by tapping a hammer into the cliff wall. The hollow sound of the echo indicates the brittle rock.
  • Anchor is relatively strong and robust nature. Anchor made ​​generally used when there is absolutely no natural anchor for example on a pitch in the middle of the cliff.

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