How to Start Leading on Rock Climbing

How to start leading on rock climbing. As the name implies, namely as a leader and made the first climbing routes. Leading must know the techniques of climbing and making line a professional. All course starts from the learning, including the leading techniques on rock climbing. 

Leading refers to the act of leading a climb. It is ascending while placing or attaching protection. This Climbing Technique is usually done in Lead climbing and entails a leader (one who leads the climb) and a follower. 

Lead climbing is done in sections. The leader puts protection as he ascends. Once he reached the top, the second climber removes the protection as he climbs. When the follower reaches the top, they will then proceed to the second pitch. 

If you have never tried leading, and you are going to lead your first route, then you will obviously be a bit anxious to start climbing without any pre-placed protection. In this section, take a look at some guidelines in Leading or lead climbing.
  • Before leading, you should know exactly how to place your extenders correctly and how to clip the rope through it. This is outlined in one of our sections as well the most common mistakes made. Please check our Back Clipping and Other Mistakes section.
  • Prepare as complete as possible as a protection tool, just as a runner, coks, backup carabiner, rope prusik, magnesium powder etc.
  • Place protection as you ascend. Attach the rope to the protection using Carabiners.
  • Always stay calm and focused. Your aim should be to place protection as soon as possible within intervals of 1-1.5 metres.
  • If the climbing is getting too hard, remain calm and try to down climb.
  • Avoid rope drag as much as possible by placing the protection smartly and/or using the the right length of extenders.

Leading is potentially dangerous particularly to the leader since he will take the climb without any protection placed prior to the climb. It is important that both the leader and the follower know their task/s. Take the necessary preparation and safety measures before heading out. 

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