How to Rock Climbing

How to rock climbing, to do so you would need the ability and knowledge. Necessary knowing the correct way to use a specified set of climbing equipment, unless you are absolutely  master to free climbing. 
This outdoor activity a technical rock climbing on the cliffs with disabilities utilizing either a bulge or faults and fractures, which require special skills.

Basically  a sport extrem that prioritizes flexibility, strength, ingenuity and skill in the use of equipment to get around the cliff itself.

Initially rock climbing is an activity that is adventurous and do not have a clear game rules. But unique, rock climbing has its own code of ethics.

But the development climber activity began to provide another alternative of the elements of the adventure itself, the element of pure sport, or better known as sport climbing. In the sport climbing, the rules are clear and the nature permainanpun increasingly lead to competition among climbers.
With the advent of this new flow, the more diverse these activities are growing. And location of which had been climbing on the cliffs of nature can be moved to the brink / artificial wall that can be assembled.

If you are a beginner, need some practice time to climb, can use a boulder or rock wall. Rock climbing is more dangerous because it is strong in the outdoors.

Here's the video introduction  how to rock climbing, outdoor rock in a relatively easy. This instance he was wearing full climb equipment. There is attached a safety line and karmantel ready to use.

This is how to rock climbing for understanding

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