Making Rock Climbing Map Routes

Free Climbing is usually no need to use data, or mapping the construction of the cliff. If you would melakuakan climbing in new areas, has never been done before, and the cliff path mapping can help. Even when you're lucky to get data about the rock climbing. May be stored as data, which can later be used or shared.

In mapping lane in the rock climbing itself still has been no information that can be made as a reference, and therefore the authors will make their own rules in our making rock climbing map routes along some information to help describe the location.

Climbing path mapping data :
Date of climbing         : 5 May 2012
high cliffs          : Less Over 70 meters
The route is used  : The left side, middle side, right side of the cliff
lane name (if any)  : crack large
high lane          : Less is More 60 meter
path length          : 70 meters
number of pitches  : 4 pitch
The number of climbers  : 2 people
Number of Watcher basecamp  : 1 person

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