Rock Climbing; Single Rope Technique

In a lesson for rock climbing techniques, the main knowledge basic, the rope technique. On professional climbing, rope technique has always been an important basic. You must know to use the Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, and Ice Climbing. Here we will learn about rock climbing singgle rope technique.
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Single Rope Technique
SRT (single rope technique) all the lovers of outdoors exercise often hear. Basic knowledge ropes for climbing or caving. Single rope technique relatively easy to do and was already famous throughout the world, especially rock climbing.

  • Single Rope System is simply the single route and multipitch where protection is in a straight line. Rope technique is very often used in rock climbing sport routes, where the lines are placed in a straight line or other routes, install QuickDraw to anchor with a rope and line. Securing the climber can be placed in a straight line.

  • If the protection is not in a straight line, but for example has more of a zigzag pattern, then there will be more "rope drag". Rope drag is the amount of friction the rope causes when running through the Quickdraws/runners/extenders. This friction can be so large, e.g. in a fall, that the protection is being pulled out, causing the system not to be secure anymore.

  • For safety reasons you should know that when using a Single Rope Technique, note one can only achieve a maximum abseil of half a rope length. So if you are using a 60-metre rope with a single rope system, then you can only abseil 30 metres.

  • All rope manufacturers are obliged by the UIAA  (Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme) to indicate if the rope is suitable for a Single Rope System, Double Rope System, or a Twin Rope System. As a rule of thumb, most Ropes with a thickness of 10-11 mm are Single Ropes.

  • Single rope climbing routes are not always easy, there are degrees of its own. Installation path QuickDraw / runner made ​​a zigzag motion to add variety in the climbing

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