Rock Climbing Techniques

In the progress of rock climbing has now been established climbing techniques.
This sport is basically a way of putting the body to be stable, thus giving the opportunity to climb a long time and not quickly tired, climbers will go up quickly and safely. Opportunities to move further adding to the height determined by the balance of the body by using a deformed rocks as a foothold and grip in accordance with field conditions encountered.

Hands and foot techniques
Rock climbing in general is highly dependent on the strength of the hand and kaki. Beginners climbers usually tend to trust most of his weight on the hand, with the body close to the surface of the cliff. Habit is caused by the wrong assumption that the function of the hand holding the greater portion of the foot.

Best position to put down foot and hands when climbing a cliff. Each defect has a rock cliff with high levels of varying difficulty, the more smooth the surface of the cliff, it will be increasingly difficult to climb.
The ability to choose where the footrest or handrails in rock climbing a major factor in the skill level of a rock climbers

The sechnique is performed  when hands and foot clipped in cracks of rocks, so the exact position more secure.

Which is to harness the considerable gap in the cliffs as nest width climbing, using hands, back and foot simultaneously

Rock climbing techniques that do not get out of a complete climbing equipment and understand the basic usage. As karmantel rope, runner, figure of 8, carabiners and other non screw.

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