5 Levels of Difficulty in Rock Climbing

Each type has a rock climbing difficulty level. Measuring the level of difficulty of climbing can be use to predict the level of difficulty of the climbing routes. There are 5 levels of difficulty in rock climbing as a reference knowledge climber.

Grade 5.7 to 5.8:
Rate of climb an easy path. Marked tracks such as rock climbing grip and footing very much, great danmudah in the can. The slope of the cliff has not reached 90 degrees.

Grade 5.9:
Path a little more difficult because of the distance between the handle and the ground started far apart but there are many and great.

Grade 5.10:
At this level already difficult climb, kompsisi grip and footing was varied large and small. The distance between the slit dantonjolan apart. There are two pedestal hand, and a footstool, a balance is needed climber.

Grade 5,11:
The difficulty level is even more difficult because of the location of the handle grip with one another and the small remote that can only be held by a couple of fingers. Both feet wide movement to the feet can rest on the next pedestal. The form is like hanging cliffs and rooftops.

Grade 5,13:
The path of many hanging and roofs. Using one hand and one foot. Perform friction climbing that relies on the fingertips, even the heel should be linked to the footing.

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